Brendan is helping us with some of the category-theoretic gadgets to turn Petri nets into a compositional framework.

Name: Brendan Fong
Education: DPhil Computer Science, University of Oxford
Expertise: Open networks, cospan categories, theory of compositionality
Location: United States
Publications: DBLP Arxiv

Brendan created the cospans compositional framework for networks. He wishes we all thought more in terms of systems. It would be great: We'd understand how program fragments interrelate, and whether these relationships will cause bugs. We'd understand ecosystems and climate systems, and how our actions impact our environment. We'd understand the multifaceted nature of complex disease, and how to respond with multifaceted treatments. We'd understand how our lives are intertwined, and the causes of injustice. Or we'd at least be very slightly better at it. In any case, Brendan thinks and writes about categories from his office at the MIT math department, because these help us reason about systems. Statebox helps too.