Third Statebox Summit

The 3rd Statebox Summit was held in Germany in September 2019. It consisted of a
week long research and hacking workshop held in the woods at Breydin, followed
by a meetup in Berlin. You can find out more about the summit

Meetup talks

Please scroll down for the research workshop talks.

Typedefs in 15 minutes

André Videla, Statebox


Fabrizio Genovese, Statebox

Brick Diagrams

Jelle Herold, Statebox

Open Games Hack

Jelle Herold, Statebox

Zero-knowledge Proof Systems, Categorically

Andre Knispel, Statebox

GET Protocol

Kasper Keunen, GUTS Tickets

Research workshop talks

Tutorial: Tambara Modules

Brendan Fong

Tutorial: Wiring Diagrams

Christina Vasilakopoulou

Tutorial: Gluing Petri Nets

Fabrizio Genovese

Structural Operational Semantics for String Diagrams

Fabio Zanasi

Tutorial: Indexed Containers

Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg


Andre Knispel, Statebox

Modalities in Type Theory

Alex Gryzlov, Statebox

Succinct Petri Nets

Stefano Gogioso