Zlarin Summit 2017

Categories through String Diagrams

Jules Hedges

A brief introduction into the most commonly used methods in category theory via graphical formalisms for monoidal categories (compact closed/monoidal closed/circuits).

Open Petri Nets

Pawel Sobocinski

A tutorial on what open Petri nets are, how they compose, and how they can model distributed system behaviour.

Petri Nets Through Spans

Christian Williams

Another formalism for composition of Petri nets is explored.

Open Games

Neil Ghani

A tutorial on what open games are, how they compose and how they can be useful in optimizing economic and computational issues.

Functional Programming

Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg

What is functional programming? How does it differ from other programming methods and how does it allow for compositional code design?


Jelle Herold

What is typedefs.com? Or what should it be? Can we give a universal typedefinition language restricted enough to be compatible with many other systems yet remain useful?

Data types, categorically

Neil Ghani

What is the relation between data types in functional programming and category theory, and how are they interpreted in categorical models?

Logic Programming and Information Gain Computing

Anthony Di Franco

What is logic programming and how does it improve the current coding standards?

Formal Verifcation Theory

Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg

What is formal verification theory and how can it ensure that our code is correct?

Open Games for Custom Currencies in Social Engines

Viktor Winschel

Basic problems in money theory are introduced, along with an invariance based approach pointing towards algorithmic central banks and custom currencies (such as crypto).

What is Mechanism Design?

Philipp Zahn

Given a product, how we can design the best way to allocate it according to how much different people evaluate it?

Oicos Demo

Viktor Winschel

Viktor shows how the preliminary version of Oicos software works.