Fabrizio Romano Genovese

Hello everyone. I take care of mathematically formalizing the ideas behind Statebox. I’m mainly working with Category Theory and some of its byproducts (open petri nets, f-algebras, open games, …). My biggest task at the moment is writing the Statebox monograph, where all the specifications of our project are spelled out.

Other than that, I have a ton of hobbies that range from DIY to digital electronics to studying languages (especially the dead ones, as Hieroglyphs and Sumerian).

If you have any sort of research or theoretical-related question or just want to chat feel free to drop me an email.

Role: Head of Research

Education: PhD in Computer Science, University of Oxford

Expertise: Maths, category theory, Petri nets, process theories, string diagrams

Location: Naples, Italy
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