Newsletter March/April

Statebox Core Release

This is a huge milestone for Statebox as our team has worked particularly hard towards this moment.

We have just released FSM-ORACLE, the first version of our formally verified core! This core verifies finite state machine executions by relying on the categorical framework we built in idris-ct, our formally verified category theory library. Communication with the core makes use of our JSON implementation for typedefs, our solution to exchange types and terms between different functional programming languages.

For a broader explanation of the finite state machine oracle, have a look at this blogpost by Fabrizio.

New Features for the String Diagram Editor

We extended our string diagram editor with shortcuts to the most used special symbols (spiders, identities, cups, caps, diagonals). You can see what every symbol does by hovering on its button. There is also a help button with plenty of diagram examples. Try out the new features here.

Purescript Firestore Release

Here it is: a Purescript library to interact with Google Cloud Firestore. The library is a work in progress and it exposes only a subset of the actual Firestore API. Basically at the moment you can read, write, delete and subscribe to the changes of a single document.

Category Theory Course Online

In light of the current global situation, we have been forced to postpone our category theory course which was meant to take place in March in Berlin.

We are looking into other possible dates for online teaching options. In the meantime, we hope everyone is safe and we wish you all the best.