Newsletter November

New Product powered by Statebox

Statebox is soon coming out of stealth mode with the first business application of its technology called Simply put, it is a correct by construction process management platform. Our novel approach makes it easy to design, refine and deploy any business process in a collaborative way. is using the Statebox language, in other words Petri nets and diagrams galore. Stay tuned as we will be launching the platform very soon!

Interested in helping us grow? contact us at for a demo.

Other news

Online Category Theory Course November

We are delighted to have gotten so much interest in our online category theory course thus far. After two successful courses in July and September, we are organizing the last one for this year on 16-19 November. Sign up directly on

Statebox at ACT Conference 2020

The Applied Category Theory Conference took place online this year instead of at MIT as originally planned. You can find the tutorial on string diagrams by Fabrizio Genovese here and the industry showcase talk by Jelle Herold here.

Statebox at NIST

Jelle Herold(CEO) will be giving a talk at the workshop on Applied Category for Industry: Tools, Methodology and Use Cases, taking place online on 27 November 2020. Keep an eye on our Twitter for updates on this.

Move to Non-free (public domain) License

We came to the realization that for parts of our software the current Affero GPU Free/Libre OSS license may be hindering adoption. Stichting Statebox is therefore going to change the license of typedefs and cql from AGPL to MIT. We'd love to hear your opinion on this.