Newsletter February

Brick Diagram Editor

The Statebox editor allows the drawing of string diagrams in a very fast and intuitive way. It is based on the paper Foundations of Brick Diagrams published by our own Jelle along with Jules Hedges. The results in the paper, in particular, provide for a very nice "pixel format" allowing for clever positioning of boxes within the diagram. All the most used symbols in the ACT crowd are already supported: permutations, cups, caps, spiders. Both boxes and wires can be annotated. The editor typechecks for correctness of the string diagrams typed in. Try it out here!

Latest Paper

The paper A Categorical Semantics for Guarded Petri Nets in collaboration with David Spivak from MIT is finally available. Check out the rest of our research here.

Statebox API Explained

Our partners at Guts Tickets have gone through the effort of documenting their experience with using our module. Check out the blogpost on hashes explained and exploring an event wiring to get a better understanding of the advantages of using Petri nets.

Category Theory Course

We are pleased that our category theory course for enterprise in March is fully booked. Don't worry if you missed this round: you can always join our waiting list. Also, we accommodate special requests from companies who think they can benefit from an introduction to concepts in category theory.

Upcoming Talks

Find us at the following events:

8-9 April, Applied Category Theory Workshop at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Gaithensburg, Maryland, USA

25-26 June, International Conference on Graph Transformation, Bergen, Norway

6-10 July, Applied Category Theory Conference, MIT, Cambridge, USA