Newsletter November

Category Theory Training

Statebox is initiating a category theory training in 2020 aimed at the enterprise sector. This is similar to the training we provided at our Second Statebox Summit in 2018, but spread over 4 days and focused on offering hand-on support in learning core category theory concepts. For more information, check out our training website.

Statebox @ Devcon V

The presentation of our paper “Mapping Finite State Machines to zk-SNARKS Using Category Theory” from DEVCON V in Osaka, Japan is finally online. The recorded talk can be found here. You can follow along by accessing the slides here.

Statebox @ Lambda World

In his demo at Lambda World, Marco shows how to define concepts from category theory, using a programming language called Idris. This allows to properly define all the required laws and properties of the objects in question and see what the advantage of using this is in concrete contexts. Check it out here!

PDF Annotation App

From now on, all our publications and preprints can be found and viewed on You can use the annotation app to add comments or corrections to specific sections. In addition, we will be releasing the sourcecode for that commenting app this week.