Newsletter September

3rd Statebox Summit

Another Statebox summit has been completed successfully. We would like to thank our team, advisors, and other invited guests who have attended and contributed to our event by making it exceptional.

Here are some highlights from the summit:

For the full list of talks, check out our youtube channel.

Strings 3 - Birmingham, UK

The joint presentation by Jules Hedges and Jelle Herold at the Strings3/Syco5 conference on brick diagrams can be found here. For anyone interested in the slides of the presentation, you can find them here.

Upcoming Events

Devcon - Osaka, Japan

You can find us at the Ethereum Grant Exposé where we will be presenting the outcome of our project on zk-SNARKS. If you are already curious about our progress, check out this blogpost on boolean circuits in Libsnark or on elliptic curve pairings.

Lambda World - Cadiz, Spain

Catch up with Marco at Lambda World. He will be giving a talk on how to form categorical concepts in a functional programming language such as Idris.

ACT Telegram Group

We initiated a telegram group on the subject of applied category theory just a few days ago. It serves as a general platform for all things related to applied category theory. Meant to bridge the gap between academics and industry, we also hope it will spark interest or encourage newcomers to dive into this exciting field. The group is proving to have gotten quite some traction already, with more than 200 members joining within days. Join here.

Our Statebox telegram group is also active, with a specific focus on applied category theory to software design.