Newsletter July

Statebox Talks at ACT

We had the opportunity to present twice during the Applied Category Theory conference in Oxford this month. Fabrizio presented the category theory library in the Idris language while Jelle explained the story that led him to develop Statebox, demoed some of the tools we developed so far and went through possible use cases.

Recorded Talks at ACT

As pioneers in this emerging field, we feel very strongly about all the exciting research that is being produced. This is why we went the extra mile to film most of the talks at ACT and share them with the community. We hope you will find them as inspiring as we did!

Disclaimer: some of the talks were not filmed purely due to technical or logistical problems.

Statebox Summit Update

The meetup which marks the end of the 3rd Statebox Summit will take place at the Blockchain Embassy in Berlin on 21 September. Please RSVP here if you would like to attend. The program will be published in the coming weeks.

Statebox Plug in Forbes and at YOW Lambda Jam

We are ecstatic and grateful to have been mentioned twice this week in various contexts by John Baez and Ken Scrambler.

In an interview for an article in Forbes addressing the potential of category theory applied to different fields, John states:

"There's a company called Statebox who I'm very fond of who is developing communication protocols and ways of doing business on computers, on the internet in ways which are meant to be safer and smarter than existing methods. They are using category theory very heavily in their work. There they have a group of people designing software who are thinking about category theory all the time while they're trying to create better software. That's something that I'm quite optimistic about in the sense that you have people with the right combination of expertise who are putting a lot of time into getting something done."

Also, a big thank you to Ken for mentioning us in his comprehensive talk about the importance of compositionality at YOW Lambda Jam Conference.