Newsletter June

Live Testing Statebox API for Guts Tickets

The Statebox API for our partners Guts Tickets has been tested live in June. Statebox allows Guts Tickets to map a process, like a ticket sale, in a manner that allows for secure and swift execution. For a detailed description of our collaboration, check out their blogpost on the topic.

Mob Programming - Recorded Sessions

This past month we started experimenting with coding collaboratively in Idris on In the first session we proved how a cartesian structure can always be used to define a monoidal one. In particular, we focused on proving that if a category has products, then the product defines a functor. You can find two of the recordings here.

Future mob programming sessions will usually take place on Thursdays at 4pm CEST. Tune in on if you would like to follow along. We are interested in your opinion about the following:

ACT Statebox Talk and Livestreaming

Statebox will be delivering a talk at the Applied Category Theory Conference in July in Oxford. In addition to this, we will be live-streaming most of the talks. Save the dates and tune in on our YouTube channel or come to the conference and talk to us directly!

Monograph on Arxiv

You can now find the mathematical specification of the Statebox language on Arxiv. We would like to thank the larger community who contributed in various ways to help improve the document by providing valuable feedback.

3rd Statebox Summit

Our research workshop, part of the 3rd Statebox Summit is full. We invite all interested in meeting the team and learning more about Statebox to join our meetup on 21 September in Berlin. More details will follow soon.

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