Newsletter May

Ethereum Foundation Grant

We are delighted to announce that our project has been selected as a grantee for wave 6 of the Ethereum Foundation Grants Program! The work has already started on bridging the gap between zero-knowledge proofs and category theory. Here are more details on what we are working on. Bear with us as we will release our results in a few months.

CQL - Categorical Query Language

We have open sourced our Haskell port of CQL, the Categorical Query Language (formerly AQL). It harnesses applied category theory to take data migration to the next level, and was developed in close collaboration with Ryan Wisnesky of

CQL is a functional query language that allows you to specify data migrations declaratively, in a way that guarantees their correctness. Let us know what you think of it, spread the word and contribute if you can!

3rd Statebox Summit

Our 3rd edition of the Statebox Summit will take place between 16 and 21 September 2019 in and around Berlin. The event will consist of a research workshop and a hacking lab, followed by a meetup. More information on the research topics we will tackle and our attendees can be found here.

Call for Sponsors

We are looking for sponsors for this year's Statebox summit! Last year's event was sponsored by Lamassu, Holochain, Get Protocol and Blockchain Talks. Contact us at for any inquiries.

Live Coding on Twitch

Next week (6 June, 3pm CEST) we will start experimenting with streaming our collaborative Idris programming sessions on Twitch. If you are interested in functional programming and category theory, tune in! Next week we will work on limits.

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