Newsletter February 2019

How to Model Smart Contracts with Petri Nets

A follow-up on how to do behavioral programming with Petri nets has been released earlier this month. In this episode, Fabrizio goes through the process of a smart contract for online gambling. You can access the blogpost and the video here.

Category Theory in Idris

As you may know by now, the Statebox language is heavily based on category theory and implemented using Idris. In an effort to make the links between the two more understandable, we will be documenting our process in a series of blogposts. A big thanks to Marco from our team for taking up this challenge. If you are curious and eager to learn how a category looks like in Idris, this blogpost is for you.

Response to the Hacker News Comments

We felt compelled to write a response to the discussion on Hacker News following the Medium blogpost on why visual programming doesn’t suck. This new blogpost sheds light on some recurrent points raised in the comment section and underlines why category theory and formal methods are of paramount importance in advancing the existing tools out there.

Call for Investors

Last but not least, the time has finally come to announce we are getting ready for a seed investment round. If you are an angel investor or know someone who is and would like to invest, contact us at