Newsletter January

Roadmap 2019

Feast your eyes on our 2019 roadmap! Statebox is a complex project with many branches of development and dependencies between them. To keep this manageable, we wrote a tool that takes its roadmap contents straight from Github. An early version of the tool is available here, but we will release updated code asap.

Modelling Processes with Statebox

The Statebox language has come a long way in the past year, and so it’s time to illustrate how to model processes using Petri nets. Sure, the monograph details the mathematics behind Statebox but how do you actually use it?

We felt we needed a series of tutorials worked out by means of examples, not only to document the use of Statebox per sé but also to teach the ways of what we call behavioral programming. This first blogpost explains the reasoning behind modelling the dining philosophers problem using Petri nets.

If you are interested in seeing only the videos addressing the dining philosophers problem, here is a direct link to all three of them.

Statebox Foundation

We are happy to announce the inception of Stichting Statebox, a not-for-profit foundation with the mission to maintain and support the Statebox project. It is one step in our efforts to open source the project and make it timeless.

Hacker News Headline

Statebox made it first place on the front page of the Hacker News this week. We would like to thank mathgenius for posting our Medium blogpost about why visual programming doesn't suck. We will follow up shortly with a new blogpost addressing some of the concerns raised in the comment section. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

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