Statebox Newsletter - October

Here's the latest updates from the past month.

Smart Contracts and Their Issues

An article addressing the current drawbacks in smart contract writing has been published in the first issue of the German journal Rethinking Law. Fabrizio argues that Statebox as a programming language can become a useful tool for lawyers to draft smart contracts which in turn will lead to their popularization:

"The possibilities of the Statebox programming language are profound when it comes to law. It provides a reliable paradigm to define smart contracts in a way that is compatible with our intuition. It does so while naturally offering a toolkit that enables us to verify whether what we write has the correct properties. Moreover, it requires close to zero coding skills since everything can be done graphically, while turning this into meaningful machine code is taken care of by the link with category theory (...). This is particularly meaningful, since requiring lawyers to become programmers is an unrealistic requirement, if not the biggest obstacle that prevented smart contracts to become a widespread tool in law up to now."

Laserbot - a Decentralized Cold Storage Solution

During the ETH hackaton from San Francisco, Statebox founder Jelle participated and developed Laserbot and the project received an honorable mention. If you would like to contribute to Laserbot, please join our telegram channel.

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