Statebox Newsletter - September

Second Statebox Summit - Recorded Talks


We're proud to state that the Second Statebox Summit was a success. If you're interested in learning more about category theory, the complete crash course on category theory can be found here. Also, we highly recommend watching the talks given at the Very Blockchain Meetup in Amsterdam, which includes Josh Harvey's demo of Statebox software running inside a BTC ATM and other compelling presentations.

Modularity vs Compositionality

The latest Statebox blogpost addresses the confusion surrounding the terminology behind modularity and compositionality. As Jules Hedges put it, "something is "modular" if you can compose things, and "compositional" if you can compose things and additionally the behaviour respects composition".

Decentralized Technology Journal

Statebox is starting an initiative, independent from its main activities, to provide more ways to review contributions to the blockchain ecosystem in different areas in a proper peer-reviewed manner. Find out more on the journal website.

If you have any suggestions for editors and contributors, please shoot us an email at

Probabilistic Logic Programming

Anthony di Franco's paper on Informational-relational semantics is available here. The paper was accepted at PLP 2018. Statebox is a proud sponsor.

Bitcoin Wednesday Talk - Amsterdam

Meet part of the team at Bitcoin Wednesday on October 3rd, where Jelle will deliver a talk about the latest developments at Statebox. If you've been wondering what the Statebox visual process language looks like, now's your chance to see that: Jelle will present a demo! More information about the event can be found here.

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