Statebox Newsletter - August

Quick updates for the month of August

Second Statebox Summit (8-15 Sept.)

If you happen to be in Amsterdam on September 15, do join us at for a full day of compelling talks, food, music and good company.

We are very pleased that the Category Theory Camp and the Research Workshop are fully booked. For details on the topics addressed and the people attending, check our summit page. For those who cannot attend, we will do our best to livestream the talks.

Why Visual Programming Doesn't Suck

A new medium blogpost written by Anton on the advantages of diagrammatic reasoning in programming is just out. The post includes at the end relevant resources to understanding what is behind a solid visual programming language. Highly recommended read, especially if you're a programmer!

Paper on Information-gain Computation

Anthony Di Franco is working on a relational programming language and runtime called Fifth that uses a new technique to execute logic programs. Our hope is to use this system for Statebox net execution and verification.

Upcoming work is “Information-Relational Semantics of the Fifth System” which will appear in PLP 2018 in Ferrara and ProbProg 2018 in Boston. A revised version of his paper on information-gain computation is under review and can soon be found on arXiv.

New Chapter in the Monograph

Another chapter of the monograph will be published in the coming weeks. In this chapter we introduce nets with guards and side effects, which will greatly improve the expressivity of the Statebox language. In particular, the chapter will detail how broadcast nets and guarded nets can be merged into a unique, powerful structure.

Thanks for reading!

The Statebox Team