Statebox Newsletter - July

Quick updates for the month of July

Monograph Release

The Statebox monograph is a document which defines the mathematical backbone of the Statebox language.

You can read and comment on the monograph using our annotation tool here. The monograph is also available for download in PDF format.

Second Statebox Summit

Our Second Statebox Summit page is finally up (mobile-friendly version here). The tickets for The Very Blockchain Meetup in Amsterdam on September 15 will be up for sale soon. Some of our invited speakers are Lamassu, Holochain and Guts Tickets.

Second Workshop on Open Games, Oxford

Some Statebox team members took part to the 2nd Open Games Workshop held in Oxford on 4, 5 and 6 July. Jelle gave a lighting talk on economic aspects regarding proof of work.

We recorded talks by among others, Jules Hedges, Neil Ghani, Pawel Sobocinski which you can watch here.

Thanks for reading!

The Statebox Team