Statebox Newsletter - June

Hello everyone! Here are the most important developments for Statebox this month.

Core Technology

Our core technology, namely the process language and the engine which executes it has made considerable progress in the light of applying it to two real life use-cases. We will be announcing some partnerships in the near future but for now we are diligently working away on our toolkit and engine.

QPL2018 Talks

Jelle and Fabrizio are back from their Canadian trip to QPL2018, where they presented the Statebox paper "Executions in (Semi-)Integer Petri Nets are Compact Closed Categories". A recording of their talk can be found here, while here you can find some of the QPL/MFPS videos that we managed to film. If you're interested in a more detailed exposition, Fabrizio presented the paper in depth at a departamental seminar in Oxford. The video can be found here.

New Blogpost on Medium

Here’s an interesting take on what Statebox is about and how it fits in the current state of affairs. It’s only an 8 minute read but packs quite a punch. Thanks for writing it up, Fabrizio!

Second Statebox Summit

We rounded up the list of attendees for the Category Theory Camp and the Research Workshop in September. We are happy to have been contacted by a considerable number of people interested in attending the events. However, at this point we unfortunately cannot accommodate any more people. The most recent information about the Second Statebox Summit can be found here.


Typedefs is an open source project which is part of Statebox. It aims to define a universal type and serialization system for programming languages, with a particular focus on functional ones. If you are eager to check how our developers are doing and the quality of our code, Typedefs’ GitHub repo is a good place to start (do not despair, more open code will follow). Erik and Alex have been doing an amazing job!

Thanks for reading!

The Statebox Team