Statebox Newsletter - The Essentials

Dear all,

We are excited to share with you the first of our many newsletters to come! A lot has happened in the last few months and even more is to come! The Statebox team has successfully ended a one month tour of the U.S. last week. We made new friends in Oakland at the Open Insulin Project , San Francisco at the Truebit house, in Austin at SxSW as well as in D.C. at the Applied Category Theory workshop at NIST.

The Second Statebox Summit

We are excited to announce that the Second Statebox Summit will take place in September 2018 in The Netherlands. It will consist of a 4-day research workshop in a picturesque part on the country followed by a 2-day meet-up in Amsterdam. Both parts of the summit will feature key speakers on topics related to math and blockchain. Some of the topics addressed during the research workshop are: unification of compositionality for Petri nets, interaction between open games and Petri nets and categorical models for consensus. The research workshop is invite-only while the follow-up meet-up is open to the public. We will send out a brief update and a chance to sign up once the dates are final.

The Statebox Whitepaper/Monograph

On a different note, our monograph (the document that describes the mathematical details underlying Statebox) is nicely coming together thanks to the continuous work put into it by Fabrizio. We aim to have a public preview of the monograph available around May.

We are hiring!

Finally, we are looking for software engineers with a particular interest in functional programming, cryptography and distributed systems. In case you would like to join our team or you know someone who is qualified for this position, give us a shout at .

Thanks for reading!