We are delighted to announce that our joint proposal has been selected as a grantee of the Ethereum Foundation Ecosystem Support Program! 🎉✨

Open Games Engine

This is a collaboration between University of St. Gallen (Philipp Zahn), University of Strathclyde (Jules Hedges) and Statebox.

Open games is a formulation of game theory using category theory, making it possible to define games compositionally (out of smaller building blocks) and using diagrams instead of formulas.

The goal of this grant is to make programming with open games less idiosyncratic and easier to debug. This is a prerequisite for others to use the language and also the foundation for a possible further development of the engine.

For an introduction to the mathematics of open games, check out this paper. For an example, check out the documentation of this workshop.

What to expect

We estimate 4-6 months development time. Overall, the results we expect are that the open games engine becomes significantly easier to use. In the best of all worlds, even a user with limited knowledge of Haskell but who understands the required input by the domain specific language and how to perform analyses on games afterwards, can then use the engine to analyze incentive effects of a given game.

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