We are delighted to announce that our project has been selected as a Grantee for Wave 6 of the Ethereum Foundation Grants Program! 🎉✨

Zero-knowledge Proofs and Category Theory

Over the next six months Statebox will be investigating zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) with an application to scaling.

Zero-knowledge proofs are a way to verify knowledge of some "value", without revealing that value. This feature can be used to provide privacy but also to compress computations.

Statebox uses category theory to turn diagrams, securely and compositionally, into executable systems.

The aim of this grant is to exploit the power of ZKPs and Statebox's categorical approach to translate diagrams into circuits, as used in ZKP systems.

What to expect from us

We estimate 3-6 months development time.

We expect to release various tools and libraries; we will deliver documentation regarding future possible extensions of the system and its limitations. And, of course, some blogposts!

Ways to keep up to date: