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Second Statebox Summit

We are delighted to announce the Second Statebox Summit that will take place in September (8th-15th) in The Netherlands.

The Summit will have the following structure:

If you are interested in speaking at the Meetup in Amsterdam, shoot us an email.

Category theory camp (September 8th-10th)

+ Camp Participants

List of lectures and live stream [forthcoming]

The Category theory camp is directed at workshop attendees who are not familiar with category theory, and has the purpose of helping them achieve a decent understanding of the topic. The subsequent workshop will make a pervasive use of category theory, and it is fundamental that people are able to understand each other to work proficiently. The camp is in particular directed to people with experience in functional programming and type theory, and lectures will be designed accordingly.

Research workshop (September 10th-14th)

+ Research Workshop Participants

List of talks and live stream [forthcoming]

The workshop will address the following research topics, organized in macro-groups:

+ Compositional Models for Petri Nets, Sept. 10 to Sept. 14

+ Consensus and Sheaves, Sept. 10 to Sept. 14

+ Logic Programming and Hardware, Sept. 10 to Sept. 14

+ Open Games and Cryptoeconomics, Sept. 12 to Sept. 14

+ Typedefs, Sept. 12 to Sept. 14


As in the previous workshop held in Zlarin, Croatia, participants will be completely free to organize themselves and cooperate as they wish, and the four topics of research highlighted above should be considered more as guidelines than as constraints.

There will also be some invited talks, that will be live streamed (links will be provided on this page). Please note that the number of talks will be kept to a bare minimum, seeing that the workshop is mainly research-oriented.


The village of Schoorl lies at the foot of the Schoorl dunes: the highest, widest and most diverse dune area of the Dutch coast. Throughout the year, it is a lovely walking and cycling area. Schoorl has 3 climbing dunes. Cycling through the dunes to Schoorl aan Zee (where no cars are allowed) is an experience in itself.


Breakfast and dinner will be provided at the accommodation.

Meetup (September 15th)

List of invited speakers [forthcoming]
List of talks and live stream [forthcoming]

The main purpose of the Meetup is to bring together people from academia, business and hacker culture. We feel that these communities, albeit often separated, have much to give to each other. The Meetup will be heavily focused on cryptoeconomics, blockchain tech and how these topics can help us to make the world into a better place (fixing environmental problems, making things more efficient, implementing sharing economies, …).

Again, all the relevant details will follow in the upcoming weeks.

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