Statebox is a formally verified process language.

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Category Theory Course

The next category theory course will take place online on 14-17 September 2020. Find out more and sign up here!

Finite State Machine Oracle

We have just released FSM-ORACLE, the first version of our formally verified core! It verifies finite state machine executions by relying on the categorical framework we built in idris-ct, our formally verified category theory library. Communication with the core makes use of our JSON implementation for typedefs, our solution to exchange types and terms between different functional programming languages.

3rd Statebox Summit

The 3rd Statebox Summit took place in mid-September, 2019 in Germany. The event consisted of a research workshop and a hacking lab, followed by a meetup.

Ethereum Foundation Grant

Statebox is a grantee of the Ethereum Foundation Grant program, wave 6. Read more here.

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