Statebox is a formally verified process language.

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Compositional Game Engine

In this post, we introduce a software engine for game theoretic modelling. Its development is supported through a grant by the Ethereum Foundation. Read more here.

New Paper Accepted at LICS 2021

We are excited to announce that the paper Categories of Nets, authored by our very own Fabrizio in collaboration with John Baez, Jade Master and Michael Shulman has been accepted to LICS 2021. This paper systematizes the complex relations between different flavors of Petri nets and monoidal categories. This relationship is also the core idea upon which Statebox relies. 🎉✨ Find out more here.

Category Theory Course

The next category theory course takes place online on 18-21 October 2021. Sign up here.

New Grant

Statebox is a grantee of the Ethereum Foundation Ecosystem Support Program. Read more here.

Diagram Editor

The Statebox diagram editor allows the drawing of string diagrams in a very fast and intuitive way. It is based on the paper Foundations of Brick Diagrams published by founder Jelle Herold and Jules Hedges. The results in the paper, in particular, provide for a nice "pixel format" allowing for clever positioning of boxes within the diagram. All the most used symbols in the ACT crowd are already supported: permutations, cups, caps, spiders. Both boxes and wires can be annotated. The editor typechecks for correctness of the string diagrams typed in. Try it out here.

Finite State Machine Oracle

We have just released FSM-ORACLE, the first version of our formally verified core! It verifies finite state machine executions by relying on the categorical framework we built in idris-ct, our formally verified category theory library. Communication with the core makes use of our JSON implementation for typedefs, our solution to exchange types and terms between different functional programming languages.

3rd Statebox Summit

The 3rd Statebox Summit took place in mid-September, 2019 in Germany. The event consisted of a research workshop and a hacking lab, followed by a meetup.

Ethereum Foundation Grant

Statebox is a grantee of the Ethereum Foundation Grant program, wave 6. Read more here.

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