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1st Statebox Summit 2017

Statebox is hosting its first summit on the beautiful island of Zlarin in Croatia.


Live Talks

Event agenda (detailed)

List of participants

We are inviting a small group of experts with different backgrounds with a focus on mathematics and computer science to collaborate on the early prototype of the Statebox language and its core principles.

Research in mathematics and computer science should have a paramount role in the design of software, in particular for the blockchain environment. Thus, the aim of this gathering is to bring together experts from different scientific fields and create a fertile ground for discussion and collaboration. By the end of this seven-day summit, we hope to have formed a strong community interested in what we do, willing to help us lay out the best mathematical formalization for its underlying core.

A preliminary outline of the topics covered in the gathering:

  • Petri Nets
  • String Diagrams
  • Open Games
  • Functional Programming
  • Information Gain Computing
  • Formal Verification

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