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1st Statebox Summit 2017

Statebox is hosting its first summit on the beautiful island of Zlarin in Croatia.


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Getting to Zlarin

We are inviting a small group of experts with different backgrounds with a focus on mathematics and computer science to collaborate on the early prototype of the Statebox language and its core principles.

Research in mathematics and computer science should have a paramount role in the design of software, in particular for the blockchain environment. Thus, the aim of this gathering is to bring together experts from different scientific fields and create a fertile ground for discussion and collaboration. By the end of this seven-day summit, we hope to have formed a strong community interested in what we do, willing to help us lay out the best mathematical formalization for its underlying core.

A preliminary outline of the topics covered in the gathering:

  • Petri Nets
  • String Diagrams
  • Open Games
  • Functional Programming
  • Information Gain Computing
  • Formal Verification


We already sent out the invitations. However, if you were not invited but would like to attend, please fill out this application form:

Application Form

Travel, Food & Accommodation

Please note that the travel, accommodation and food (expenses) for each attendee will be covered by Statebox.

We will be staying in stone houses with private bedrooms.

Example of Accommodations

Lunch and dinner is provided.

Questions & support

If you have any questions, please contact

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