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Statebox is an open-source decentralized public blockchain, primarily inspired by modern mathematics and computer science. Statebox aims to create a system unlike any other by harnessing the combined experience of a team of world renowned expert engineers and researchers.


Statebox is a radically different way to build smart contracts, inspired by modern mathematics and computer science.

Instead of text-based instructions telling a smart contract how to achieve certain behaviour, they are represented as diagrams. This is achieved via a functional programming approach which utilizes, amongst other things, category theory, petri nets, open games, logic programming and cryptography.

End-to-end correctness proofs are a fundamental design principle, not an afterthought. The core is a mathematically minimalistic structure, aimed to facilitate reasoning about its behaviour. As a result, transactions from different smart contracts can be composed, preserving their properties, such as termination guarantees.

Contracts become easier to understand, build, and inspect and are more secure.

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1st Statebox Summit Nov 2017

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